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Feng Shui can be adapted to support any business’s infrastructure; from home or corporate offices to retail centers, sports facilities to restaurants and cafés.  Our services can be used for existing or new locations, site selection, renovation, remodeling or building from the ground up


Countless companies and corporations, at every stage of development, have already undergone Feng Shui consulting, including Whole Foods Markets, the Richmond Olympic Oval, HSBC’s head office, and the Baccarat Hotel in New York.  With the aid of Blueprints Feng Shui, your business can see similar gains..

Corporate Benefits

Establish yourself from the competition

Increase sales and cash flow.

Encourage business growth and sustainability.

Strengthen business relationships.

Increase efficiency productivity and staff morale

Blueprints Feng Shui Studio + Design

Consultations can be conducted in-person, or remotely if your property is located outside the lower mainland

Each consultation will include a complete analysis of the external and internal conditions of your property followed by a report detailing the issues and their solutions. .

Your Business

Blueprint Report.

Feng Shui is best approached with a goal in mind, Once the objective has been established, certain areas within and around your property will be activated to achieve your desired results,

To ensure the consultation's success, the process will include a timely follow up

External Blueprint:

  • Establish the movement of Qi energy through your property, relative to the property’s facing direction and overall location.

  • Identify the beneficial and detrimental aspects of your property’s geographical surroundings.

  • Optimize your property’s positive energy through the addition, or subtraction, of objects that influence the flow of Qi.

Internal Blueprint:

  • Application of Feng Shui systems (including Flying Star, Eight Mansions, and Xuan Kong Da Gua)

  • For superior Chi flow, recommendations for door and window placement, space planning and configuration

  • Identification of auspicious locations and directions for daily activities

  • Decor options to boost Chi.

Personal Blueprint:

  • Destiny charts for each individual detailing favorable directions and elements and how they relate to the property - key staff placement

  • An annual forecast of your Feng Shui needs,  as they will evolve over time, based on the cyclical nature of Qi

  • Staff destiny analysis outlining each persons strengths and weakness

  • Personalized activations using date selection for maximum results.

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