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Feng Shui is an ancient, but enduring, means of improving your quality of life by organizing your personal surroundings to compliment the land’s natural energies.

Its origins can be traced to Neolithic China, but in the years since its birth it has transcended its founding country, spreading to other Asian cultures and, more recently, gaining traction in the West.


Though Feng Shui does have religious affiliations, it is not exclusively linked to any spiritual practice. As a result of its spiritual ties, however, Feng Shui is often confused with folklore or superstition. Classical feng shui does not require talismans, statuettes, or magic charms. Contrarily, interior decoration is the last of its concerns.


Feng Shui is based in practical skills that come from the study of two, fundamental schools. The first emphasizes how natural and urban land formations interact with Qi (pronounced ‘chi’) – the earth’s basic, life energy – while the second addresses how this Qi changes over time. Understanding both these schools allows a Feng Shui consultant to advise you on the long and short-term organization of your surroundings, starting with external forms, and concluding with internal details.


Following the recommendations of your Feng Shui consultant will allow you to maximize your well being. That said, Feng Shui is not a universal remedy for all afflictions; the circumstances you’re born into, in combination with your behavior and attitude towards life, have their own implications. Feng Shui merely allows you to harness the environmental factors that are within your control

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