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With more than half of Vancouver’s yearly emigrants arriving from Asian countries, the value of properties that have applied Feng Shui will only increase. Combine this influx of foreign buyers with the West’s rising interest in Feng Shui practice, and the worth of a BluePrints consultation is assured.

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Benefits of using Feng Shui

Improve sales and achieve business goals.

Expand relationships with clients and networks.

Blueprints Feng Shui Studio + Design Vancouver

Sell quicker

When you can promote your property as having applied Feng Shui, you are appealing to a diverse, and growing, housing market. Let us compliment your next project with a thousand year old practice that has proven results.

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Location is one of Feng Shui’s principal concerns, and careful consideration must be given to your property’s geography, external and internal building design, and landscaping. With the aid of a Feng Shui consultant these factors and others, can be arranged to maximize your property’s prosperity. 

Blueprints Feng Shui Studio + Design Vancouver


Feng Shui warrants consideration at any stage in the design process. Its theories can be applied to the location, dimension, and directionality of rooms, hallways and foyers, as well as the placement of windows and doors. If your property’s foundations are already determined, the same theories can be adapted to guide your interior design process.

Blueprints Feng Shui Studio + Design Vancouver

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Each consultation will include a full analysis of the external and internal energetic conditions of your profession in an easy to understand report identifying the issues accompanied by recommended remedies and complimented with timely follow up to ensure success.

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