Feng Shui Excursion to China: Part I

Feng Shui Excursion to China: Part I

A couple of months ago I took a trip to China on a Feng Shui excursion with one of the worlds most leading experts in Feng Shui, along with 50 Feng Shui enthusiasts, practitioners and masters from around the world. It was an opportunity to see how Feng Shui was applied many years ago and the impact it had on the occupants in the area, some well known in China’s rich history.

During our trip, we visited rural villages, holy temples and caves, sacred mountains and the birth place of Tai Chi. We studied how the land and water formations in the natural landscape were used in conjunction with formulas at each site which attributed to the success of high ranking officials, spiritual leaders, scholars and legends of China’s past. The views and scenery were spectacular in itself, but to gain insights into this ancient art and to see first hand how Feng Shui was applied the way it was meant to be was an experience you can’t obtain from any book, and one I wont soon forget.

I’ve compiled a short 2-part slide show highlighting some of the locations and sites we visited and some of the land formations we studied. Part one of the slide show consists of only the first 2 days of this jam packed excursion, with 4 sites visited a day and hundreds of kilometres travelled. Day one focused on rural villages such as Cangpo, Furlong and Linkeng, while day 2’s site visits were of holy temples, monasteries and caves in and around the Yangdang Mountains.

Some the locations were beautiful and moving enough to bring tears to ones’ eyes. Join me in part-1 as the journey to cross 3 provinces in China begins and witness the spectacular views and wonders of Feng Shui from a slightly personal perspective.

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