September 2017 - Flying Star Feng Shui Forecast

Of all the compass based methods for analysing a property’s energies, Flying Star Feng Shui is one of the easiest to apply. It helps to manage your home both in terms of design and functionality and to maximize opportunities in 3 key areas of life, your wealth, health and relationships.

So how does it work? There are 9 numbers, each relating to one of the stars of the big dipper and make up the Lo Shu or magic square of 9. The numbers have a home base which correlates to a directional location or sector and represent bodies of energy. They "fly" around your home in a specific pattern allowing us to map out and prepare for the movement of energy. Each number, or star, is closely related to one of 5 elements and is given certain qualities, virtues, characteristics, as well as social and health conditions. Based on our current period in time, some stars have good qualities and some have bad qualities. Ideally when applying this to your home, the simplest way to benefit is to make the most useable rooms of your home in the sectors with good energy, and the areas with less than desirable Qi should have activity kept to a minimum.

According to the Chinese Almanac, the new month begins on September 7th and is the month of the Earth Rooster. This month is a journey of change through discovery. As you travel on your path, it is important to keep your faith and persevere through whatever comes your way. Watch out for mislead pride and foot in mouth syndrome as proper communication with others is key to a successful month.

NOTE: Monthly stars in each sector mimic the yearly stars which doubles the impact.

The 1 victory star resides in the middle of the chart and the home bringing luck that leads to success and the ability overcome obstacles in your personal and work life.

Northwest Sector 2 Illness star - This month the 2 star flies into the NW and is what is known as the illness star. The monthly energy here can bring new illnesses, resurface old ones, or inflict health complications related to the head or lungs in the form of headaches or respiratory issues. You must be careful if your home is orientated to face NW or if your front door opens to or is in the NW area of your home . You must also watch your health if your bedroom is in the NW, or if you occupy this area of your home most. Try and avoid this area if possible. Remedy with metal objects, a chiming clock or place a 6 metal rod wind chime outside in the NW to help weaken the negative energy of the illness star. Extra caution to males, elders, those with existing conditions. and those born in the year of the Dog or Pig

West Sector 3 Arguments star – This is an important area to consider this month and the whole of 2017. This is where the rooster resides and the rooster is what’s known as the Grande Duke, or the ruling animal of 2017. This area is useable but it is important to not renovate or break ground in this area. You also do not want to face the grand duke, so do not face west in 2017. Doing so may cause problems with superiors at work. The Grand Duke will take it as a challenge to his authority and place obstacles in your pathway to achieving success. It is then advisable if you do use this area to sit with your back to the west. Now the west is a bit a tricky this year because there is wealth potential, therefore, this area is useable but without too much activity or noise. If you do use this area of your home you might expect some quarrelling and disagreements as the visiting Star 3 is known as the argumentative star. When at its worst it can bring legal entanglements and personal conflict to the occupants. Most influenced will be young females and people born in rooster year. A simple cure to minimise the effects of the arguing star is to keep the lights on in this area of the home.

Southwest Sector 7 Robbery star - Using this area of the home may cause you to feel irritable, annoyed, or feelings of betrayal. The energy here also brings competition at work, with the possibility of skin rashes or mouth ulcers. Use this area with caution. If there are negative influences outside the house in this area such as a dead tree or electrical tower, it could bring the potential for robbery, theft and loss especially if you have a front door located in the SW. Be careful and make sure your doors are locked and be diligent about your property, wallets, purses etc. Avoid sharp objects here, particularly females and anyone born in the year of the Monkey or sheep

South Sector 5 Misfortune star – This is the most troublesome and negative area for the home or office in 2017 especially in September, causing mishaps, misfortunes, loss of money, feelings of loneliness and major illness. The biggest thing to remember to reduce the negative impact from this energy is not to disturb this sector, no renovations or ground breaking here. This is a sector of your home you should try and avoid whenever possible. One must take special cautions if your building is facing south, if you have a front door in the southern area of your home, if you sleep with your head pointing south, or have a bedroom or any room in the south that has a lot of activity. It is important to try and NOT USE THIS AREA. If that’s not possible you can place large heavy metal objects but nothing that makes a lot of noise. Be sure to avoid fire elements in the south (reds, pink, purples) and keep the lights off or to a minimum. Extra caution to those born in the year of the Horse and all females

Southeast Sector 9 Future Prosperity star One of the best sectors to utilize and everyone should use this sector as much as possible. This energy has several good aspects to it. Using this area can bring about happy events and opportunities. Use of this sector offers the chance to show your worth and improve your success and reputation bringing a rise in recognition with the possibility of promotions at work. One can also expect to see growth in investments, assets and savings. This is a good area to use if you’re an actor trying to get noticed, if you are trying to get ahead at work, or even starting a family. Enhance this area with wood or water elements such as a water feature with 4 bamboo shoots. Females are most influenced as well as those born in Dragon and Snake years.

East Sector 8 Wealth Star – This is main wealth energy for the month and the whole year. It is great to have main door in this sector or live in a building facing east to welcome wealth into your home. Use this sector as often as possible to see an increase in cash flow with possible sudden windfalls and financial gains. One can expect to see growth in their professional aspirations with the possibility of promotions. This is an area you want to use but do not do any renovations, remodelling, moving of the furniture, nailing pictures on the wall, or disturbing the chi here. This area is tricky to utilize as it’s the location of the 3 Killings energy and if activated negatively, can bring about all sorts of calamities, mishaps and misfortune. A great place for a water feature but under the guidance of someone who knows what they are doing as there is much room for error. Most influenced by this energy are men and those born in the year of the rabbit. A great cure is a black vase with wide opening filled with water to enhance the wealth star and lessen the negative energies of the 3 killings.

Northeast Sector 4 Romance Academic Star - The 4 wood star is what’s known as a Direct officer star when it finds it location in the NE Palace, which makes this area great for increasing your status, recognition and fame. Using this area will also bring helpful people to you as the Direct Officer is noble himself. As the direct officer relates to a woman’s husband, its also a great area to use if your single ladies!. The 4 is also called a Peach Blossom star, a star of romance or more accurately a star of likeability so this is a great area to use if your looking to spice up your love life particularly people born in tiger and ox years. The 4 is also a scholarly star bringing help in studying, learning new skills, or trying to improve your artistic pursuits. This energy in the NE this month also has the potential to bring about travel opportunities. Enhance this area with the wood element.

North Sector 6 Leadership Star –This is one of the better areas in the month of September and in 2017 especially for middle-aged men and people born in the year of the Rat. The energy visiting the north brings with it a rise in authority and career luck. Use this area to receive help from those above you including heavenly help. The 6 Star is the resource element to the Northern palace, so the energy gets stronger here, therefore I encourage you to use this area if you are feeling ill or tired to gain back some strength or to generate new ideas or a sense of resourcefulness. The energy here also gives an extra boost for relationships and networking so by using the northern area of your home you may also see new associations, or joint ventures. A great enhancer in the north is a water feature with 8 stones.

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