Where to put your Christmas Tree to receive a little extra this holiday season

As we are only a few weeks away from Christmas day, I have been receiving more and more calls regarding the best location to place the Christmas tree this year. The Christmas tree is a very yang introduction into the home and can be used to activate positive Qi when placed in the right location.

We determine the best place for the Christmas tree through a system in Feng Shui called flying stars, or Xuan Kong Fei Xing. Flying star Feng Shui is great because it allows a practitioner to know what bodies of energy are where in your home at any given point throughout the year, and is best used to gain benefit in a short period of time, such as having a Christmas tree in your home for a month.

Flying Star Feng Shui creates a three by three grid, one for the centre and one for each of the 8 directions, N, S, E, W, SE, SW, NE, and NW. There are numbers in each box associated with the 5 elements and those numbers fly around the grid in a predetermined pattern allowing one to map out the flow of Qi. There are annuals patterns, monthly patterns, daily and even hourly flows but here, we will be concerned with the most influential, the annual and monthly flying stars.

Below is the Monthly Flying Star Chart for December 2017


The South holds the most negative Qi this year, perhaps you’ve already been feeling the pressure if you’ve been using the southern part of your home in 2017. During the month of December this negative Qi increases by the visiting monthly 2. A Christmas tree here could bring about misfortune, financial losses and even cause health complications. When the 5-2 combination enters in any area of the house we prefer to keep this area quiet and avoid it completely when possible.

The East contains the negative monthly 5 in December and placing your Christmas tree here could about financial loses or bodily harm due to recklessness. The West should be avoided as this is where the ruling animal for the year resides, known as the Grande Duke and offending the Grande Duke can bring about all sorts of calamity. The western area also has the potential to bring about financial losses as the annual 3 that combines with the natal palace of 7 for a combination of 10, is broken up and burned away by the monthly 9.

Placing a Christmas tree in the North has the potential to cause arguments and bickering particularly for the males in the household. This is because the monthly 3 is being clashed by the annual 6, both representing male figures in the home resulting in disagreements and sudden outbursts between them. The Southwest contains the annual 7 and monthly 4 which in combination can also bring about arguments and fighting, this time between the female members of the house.

As the holiday season is about family coming together and sharing love with another please do not place your tree in the Southwestern or Northern part of your house, as well, keep activity in the South, East and Western part of your home to a minimum.


A good place for your tree is in the Northwest corner of your home. In December, the 8 earth Star flies into the NW which is considered the most prosperous body of energy from now until 2024. The Annual 2 combines with the monthly 8 to form a combination of 10, and in Feng Shui a combo 10 equals money.

Another beneficial place for a Christmas tree is in the Southeast. which is home base for the 4 Wood star and is visited by the annual 9 and the monthly 6. A 9-6 combination can bring about sudden promotions, advancements in your career and financial gains. In addition, the monthly 6 combines with the natal palace 4 for another combination of 10. Pro-tip: decorate the tree with metal ornaments to help boost the qi here.

The Northeast is also a great place for the Christmas tree this holiday season if your looking to keep warm on those chilly winter nights. The monthly 1 and annual 4 combination enhances romance and is helpful to existing relationships. The energy here also supports academic or artistic pursuits with financial benefit as the 1 water star is wealth energy to the NE palace. Boost the Qi here with some water for your tree

In summary, good locations in the home for your Xmas tree are the NW, SE and NE, while the N, S, E, W, and SW are less than ideal.

This year you can receive more from your Christmas tree than just what’s underneath if placed in a good location. May you find the right place for your Christmas tree so that your holiday season is filled with harmony, happiness, love, with a little help from ‘San-Qi’ Claus to pay off those Christmas bills come January.

Happy Holidays!

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